Our Services

Newbuild & Project Management

MTS can provide the full service from initial concept through design process to quotation, installation and follow up support. Be it a simple Fire Detection system to replacement of a navigational system.Our aim is to provide our client with the highest level of service to provide work to the highest standards.

Refit Management

MTS can offer a dedicated refit management team to cover all your requirements.Our client will only have to concern themselves with one point of contact, MTS.Through this route providing a refit specification we can ensure all works can be completed on time and parties concerned work together to provide our Client with the desired outcome with the smallest effort and concerns.

Technical Consultancy & Superintendency

We can provide experienced marine engineering consultants and superintendents for long or short term contracts.

High Voltage & Power Generation Systems

High Voltage switchboard surveys, maintenance and installs are just part of the services we can offer. MTS is also available to arrange surveys of your ships generators

Thermographic Surveys

By using the thermographic imagery, we can detect possible failures before they happen.Defective components, loose wiring creating hotspots and possible fires.This technology is at the forefront of preventative maintenance technology, giving our clients the peace of mind knowing there systems are safe.This technology can be used to detect areas of concern not only in electrical systems but can detect hotspots etc on main engines.

Security Systems

In an ever increasing world where security is an upmost priority, MTS can offer a wide range of services including such items as Water Cannon, CCTV, L.R.A.D.Our aim is your safety and will work to provide the best systems available to ensure your vessel is secure to the highest level.